How to Get to Shipwrecked Cove

Navagio, better known “Shipwrecked Beach”, in Greece is one of the most photographed and recognized beaches in the world. This beautiful beach is part of an exposed cove and is located along the coast of Zakynthos, a western island.

When I was planning my trip to Greece back in August 2016, I made it my mission to visit this mystical location. Upon initial researching, I found it very difficult to locate clear instructions on how to get there on a budget. Sure, I could’ve flown, but with airfare looking to be around $300+, I held out hope of finding a cheaper way to get there. And I did (yay!). Continue reading “How to Get to Shipwrecked Cove”

Guide to Arches & Canyonlands National Parks

Moab, Utah is the place to go if you are looking for some desert adventure! Located 4 hours from Salt Lake City and 5 hours from Denver, Colorado, Moab is fairly easy to get to and combine with other destinations. The main tourist attractions in Moab are the two national parks: Arches and Canyonlands. My friends and I traveled here from Denver and were surprised at how beautiful and stunning the national parks were. If you love hiking, you will love it here! Continue reading “Guide to Arches & Canyonlands National Parks”

Travel Spotlight: Semuc Champey

Ah, Semuc Champey. The hidden gem of Guatemala. A mini paradise surrounded by the rich, lush Guatemalan mountains. Little limestone pools of emerald green water cascading down creating natural infinity pools and waterfalls. Enjoying this place is an easy task. Getting here…not so much. The journey to Semuc Champey is long, but trust me, it is rewarding. Continue reading “Travel Spotlight: Semuc Champey”

How to Afford Study Abroad

Studying abroad has become so common nowadays that it almost seems like the rite of passage to graduating college. Every summer and fall semester, my social media timelines are filled with my fellow peers traveling their little hearts out across the globe. Watching others check off your bucket list destinations can be a bit depressing while you’re stuck at home, wishing you could be throwing up the peace sign at the John Lennon wall in Prague or hiking the Great Wall of China. Study abroad is becoming more popular, and with that, the cost to participate in programs abroad are increasing as well.

You wonder how so many people can pay the steep price to enjoy a semester abroad. I was one of those people, constantly looking through international programs and then looking at my bank account, thinking “How could I possibly afford this?”  I asked (begged) my parents, they said said no. More specifically, they said, “Focus on school now, worry about traveling later.” But there are some things that you can’t learn in school, you just have to experience it for yourself. I knew I wanted to study abroad in Spain, so after lots of research and saving, I found a way to afford to study abroad the fall semester of my junior year. Continue reading “How to Afford Study Abroad”

Travel Spotlight: Kravice Falls

If I had to choose my most crazy experience during my two-month backpacking trip through Europe, it would have to be my journey to Kravice Falls in Bosnia & Herzegovina. It had always been a part of my Eastern Europe itinerary, but I didn’t imagine getting there would prove to be so difficult in the off-season. Here is the true story of my sketchy adventure to Kravice Falls:

Continue reading “Travel Spotlight: Kravice Falls”

How I Afford to Travel as a College Student

Alas, the secret is finally out. The magical explanation to how I can be enrolled as a full-time college student and still seem to have enough money to travel after. Only it’s not much of a secret at all, more so a combination of reading tips from various travel blogs and relating them to my situation and style of traveling. I make travel my #1 priority, the main thing that I save my money for, and by doing this, I am able to take trips pretty frequently.

Are you a college student with dreams of seeing the world, but don’t know how to afford it? I’ve been there. But over time, I got rid of some of my money-spending habits and replaced them with money-saving ones. Here are some of the steps I follow that could be beneficial to you completing your #TravelGoalsContinue reading “How I Afford to Travel as a College Student”